One of CIELA’s challenges is how best to represent many local, competing businesses as a single organisation on a national scale. It is proposed that three levels of committee meeting will exist, in order to meet local needs for a discussion forum and a national voice on behalf of all independent agents.

The number one proposed rule governing all CIELA meetings at any level is that only matters affecting all members may be debated. This is to avoid meetings being hijacked by one member’s grievance with any other member over a local issue. Any such grievances will be dealt with separately, if at all, and not in a Committee Meeting forum.

CIELA will not involve itself in disputes between independent agents. Our strength will be in our unity, and our unity is against Corporate practices and exploitation. All matters of debate must be limited to such subjects, with the exception of debate on new Charter rules affecting membership.

National Committee Meetings

      It is proposed that this will be made up of no more than 24 members, comprised of all Founder Members and 12 Regional Officers. The National Committee will be responsible for taking the major decisions which it is felt will affect all members nationally (unless members choose to hold a national vote).
      Agendas for National Committee meetings will be set by mutual consent among the Regional Officers, who will table the matters raised by County Officers and then pick out the most commonly raised questions or matters of debate across the country. This process will ensure that the most widely held concerns will be addressed.
      The main Agenda items involving major decisions will be published to members prior to the meetings being held, in order to allow members the chance to indicate their wish to vote on any particularly important matters. It is intended that at least 35% of members nationally must confirm their wish for a matter to be given a national vote. When the Agenda is published to members prior to meetings, it is proposed that it will be a matter of a single-click for any member to indicate their desire for a national vote to be held.
      The National Committee is ultimately accountable to all its members. One of the benefits of having Founder members who, collectively, do not have a geographical bias, is to provide impartial views on the issues raised, which may contain regional variances of opinion.

Regional Committee Meetings

      It is proposed that these meetings, of a frequency yet to be decided, will be held locally in the regions, chaired by the Regional Officer, attended by at least one Founder Member, and all the County Officers of the Region, (or London Borough officers for the London Regions). Accordingly, these meetings will comprise of an average of 8 officers in attendance.

County (or London Borough) Meetings

      These are proposed to be less formal discussions, chaired by the County (or London Borough) Officer, and to be held periodically as required by members, with the preference of attendance of the Regional Officer or an available Founder Member.

Proposed Meeting Dates – always 3rd Wednesday of the month

National Committee Meetings (Founders plus Regional Officers):  (January, May, September)

12 x Regional Committee Meetings (Regional Officer plus County/Borough Officers): (February, June, October)

County/Borough Meetings: (March, July, November)