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Preliminary Pre-launch Membership Details

//Preliminary Pre-launch Membership Details

Preliminary Pre-launch Membership Details

Pre-launch Membership to allow participation on CIELA future – £35 per month

On 1 April, preliminary “Pre-Launch” membership will become available via the website to every qualifying independent agent owner, for £35 per month plus vat, for the 6 month period running up to the planned launch date of 1 October 2017, with no tie-in.

This pre-launch membership will grant members direct access to

  1. Contribute to the Collective Voice
  2. Private, member-only discussion forums
  3. Participation in surveys to establish member wishes
  4. Selection of priority activities to be carried out
  5. The right to vote on all decisions affecting CIELA’s future plans
  6. The right to attend CIELA events and debates
  7. Marketing material to be used in pitches against Corporate and Call Centre agents
  8. Advice on how to ensure compliance with all mandatory regulations

Members will choose what they want from CIELA

It is intended that, unless members vote otherwise, prior to full launch in the autumn, no products or services will be offered, and post-launch only those products or services voted for by members will be considered for inclusion in CIELA activities. Any chosen will be subject to the strict rule that they cannot be a product or service which creates a competitive advantage between members.

(For example, the supply of a generic service such as low cost Business Broadband through a third party agreement to use the combined buying power of members would not create a competitive advantage and therefore be permitted, whereas the provision of a product such as virtual tours of properties would be seen to create a competitive advantage and be disallowed.)

To be notified when applications are open, please register at now, and we will keep you informed.

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