Director of Power Bespoke




How many years have you been an agent?

​ 14


In one sentence why do you think independent agents are a better choice for the public?

​Independent businesses, in general, exist to serve the customer and it’s employees, not to give shareholders a return


What do you hope CIELA will achieve?

​ Educate consumers to the benefits of using an experienced expert


To what do you attribute your success over your competitors?

​ Huge focus on performance and putting more money into clients pockets​


What is the hardest part of running an independent agency?

​  Getting people to understand that the cheapest agent is the one who achieved you the best overall outcome, not the one who charges the lowest fee​


Most agents would admit to being busier than they like. What one thing would you advise them to stop doing?



Who is the most impressive agent you have ever met?

​Never met him but the person I look up to in estate agency is John McGrath in Australia​​


How would you describe the overall quality of the founders group?

​ An incredible group ​of contrasting yet complimenting agents from different segments of the industry (high end, high volume, mid-range, etc) which, when we come together, will serve people best


Why do you think Charlie is the right person to get this organisation started?

​Charlie is VERY intelligent when it comes to business and very passionate about ensuring the consumer gets the best outcome


What aspect of your business are you most proud of?

​Our standards and results we achieve for our clients​


If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about your business, what would it be?

​Nothing​. We’re certainly not ‘done’ but we’re exactly where we want to be and on plan


In one word how would you describe the responsibility of being an employer?