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Manifesto – The CIELA Seven

//Manifesto – The CIELA Seven

Manifesto – The CIELA Seven

The CIELA Manifesto

The CIELA Manifesto for discussion with Pre-Launch Members is intended as a guide and shows subjects most popular with pre-registered agents so far. It is not exhaustive nor set in stone, but may be the beginnings of the final Charter, to be published at Full Launch in the autumn.

Seven Manifesto Points

  1. To use the collective voice of all independent agents to show the public the true value of a well chosen agent.
  2. To directly confront and combat misleading claims by up-front, fixed fee, online agents and help unwitting homeowners avoid selling/letting for an undervalue, or worse still, losing up-front money to a company that will not sell their home.
  3. To counter the effects of misleading corporate agent marketing that seduces homeowners into instructing agents who will not work as hard as independents, and are less motivated to get the best results for their clients.
  4. To combat the industry-damaging effect of poor quality agents who do not comply with basic legal requirements, putting their customers at risk and harming the reputation of the trade as a whole.
  5. To help inform the public that the lowest-cost agent is the one who gets the highest price, not the one with the lowest fee.
  6. To use the combined purchasing power of all members to explore any opportunities to combat price exploitation by suppliers, in particular the large portals.
  7. To make it easier for all small agents to comply with legislation and regulation.

CIELA intends to make an impact and a difference to its members and their businesses by addressing the matters above.

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