Managing Director of Let Leeds



How many years have you been an agent?

I created Let Leeds, a new breed of hybrid letting agent specialising in professional and student HMO property management, at the start of 2009. From there Let Leeds won Awards at the Sunday Times Letting Agency awards 5 years running, as well as acquiring a local competitor to double its portfolio.


In one sentence why do you think independent agents are a better choice for the public?

I feel independent agents have the passion, enthusiasm and accountability to their clients and their local reputation to offer the best service possible. Deep relationships with clients is at the forefront of our business.


What do you hope CIELA will achieve?

I believe CIELA can help the industry unite, with a by-product being creating best practice, new opportunities, and working together to create technological advancements.


To what do you attribute your success over your competitors?

We believe we are successful as a Letting Agent as we have a fresh approach to everything we do, constantly innovating our service and using the latest technology to be at the forefront of our industry. Creating a happy environment for our staff is extremely important, as well as serving our clients with one point of contact throughout their journey with us.


What is the hardest part of running an independent agency?

Owning an independent Agency can be quite lonely at times. It’s an extremely competitive industry, with business owners facing constant pressure.


Most agents would admit to being busier than they like. What one thing would you advise them to stop doing?

I’d advise owner managers to work on their business, as much as they do in their business. Pick up the phone to build relationships and keep emails to a minimum, the more you send the more you receive.


How would you describe the overall quality of the founders group?

I feel the CIELA founders group is an extremely varied group of extremely passionate property people. People who want to succeed and are passionate about their businesses and their industry.


Why do you think Charlie is the right person to get this organisation started?

I feel Charlie Wright is a fantastic people person, a great listener, is extremely approachable and being a democratic individual it feels Charlie has the right attributes to lead independent agents to unite.