Choosing the CIELA Founders

The selection and appointment of the Founder members may be the defining decision in CIELA’s history, should it proceed to successful launch. Only if these professionals, both individually and as a collective, can earn the respect of quality independent agents around the country, does CIELA have a chance of galvanising small agents into the most powerful organisation the industry has ever known, despite the absence of any corporate involvement.

The candidates are required to be, individually and collectively:

  1. Credible representatives in the eyes of all independent agents
  2. Examples of the best independent agency realistically has to offer
  3. Representative of the diversity of independent agents:
    • Geographically
    • Demographically
    • By market sector
    • Traditional balanced with modern
    • “High Street” balanced with “High Tech”
    • Best of the old and best of the new
  4. Unanimously passionate about service levels in their industry as well as their own business
  5. Easy to relate to
  6. Professional in their conduct by choice, not by requirement
  7. Openly accountable to their clients for results
  8. All be successful in their local battles with corporate competitors
  9. Some Founders must know Charlie Wright, the Founder of the Charter, to be able to recommend him as the right person to lead the formation of CIELA
  10. Some Founders must be unknown to Charlie Wright, so that their view can be objective
  11. Be prepared to disregard their own business interests when it come to their role on the CIELA Founders and National Committee
  12. To understand that the responsibility of the Founders is to act in the collective interests of the thousands of members they represent, especially acknowledging that first and foremost, livelihoods are at stake, and be prepared to make the time necessary to fulfill this position of privilege and responsibility.

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