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Corporate agents will be refused CIELA membership

//Corporate agents will be refused CIELA membership

Corporate agents will be refused CIELA membership

CIELA has confirmed that membership of the Charter will be subject to strict selection criteria, and will exclude corporate membership. If CIELA gathers sufficient support to launch, then only individuals who own and manage independent estate or lettings agents will be granted access to the Charter.

Membership will only be granted to individuals who are named shareholders at Companies House of the business in which they are involved with the day to day running.

“We must keep large corporate influence away from this industry body. Whilst I have the utmost respect for the professional individuals within the corporate companies, it is the very nature of corporate organisations which results in the negative impact on the industry and its customers. They are required to put shareholders’ interests above that of staff or customers.” said the CIELA Founder.

“The best estate and lettings agency service has and will always come from the individuals who are the most highly motivated to achieve their client the best result. The majority of those people are small business owners with their names above the door, or on the franchise agreement, to whom the running costs of their business are personal, the fees mean everything, and above all whose professional local reputation is their greatest asset, being that it is often also their number one source of new business.”

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