Conditions of the Standard Sponsorship Package


By purchasing the Standard Sponsorship Package, the Sponsoring Company (the “Sponsor”) and its authorised representative consents to the following conditions.

This sponsorship package is for the purposes of the Sponsor to receive promotional benefits in exchange for financially sponsoring CIELA, Ltd. (the “Sponsee”) 

As part of this transaction, the Sponsor has agreed to provide financial support to the Sponsee subject to the conditions herein. 

  1. Sponsorship Period

1.1 This transaction and its accompanying binding conditions shall be deemed to have been entered into on the date of purchase and shall bind both parties until 30 September 2017 (“the Sponsorship Period”).
1.2. The Sponsor may not withdraw financial support from the Sponsee until the termination of the Sponsorship Period, for any reason. This transaction comes with binding conditions span the Sponsorship Period, for which neither party may cancel except in the case of mutual consent. Mutual consent will not result in a refund of any sort.

  1. Sponsorship Fee

2.1. Subject to the provisions of these Conditions and to the Sponsee performing its obligations hereunder, and in consideration of the rights granted by the Sponsee to the Sponsor, the Sponsor acknowledges that it has agreed to pay (“the Fee”):
2.1.1. £ 2,000 + vat over the course of four instalment payments via the method of direct debit, payable each month; OR
2.1.2. £ 1,800 + vat on that date that this transaction is entered into; a discount given as consideration for a one time upfront payment.
2.2. The Sponsee acknowledges and confirms that, except as otherwise explicitly and mutually agreed, the Sponsor shall not be liable to the Sponsee or any other person for any additional cost or expense besides the fee.

  1. Sponsor’s Rights

3.1. In return for the Fee laid out in point 2, the Sponsee shall provide the Sponsor with the following benefits:

  • 1 x Ticket Per CIELA event during the Sponsorship Period (12 tickets in total)
  • Sponsor branding (e.g., banners, website, event page, email)
  • Co branding at all CIELA events
  • Access to the post-event guest list of consenting attendees

3.2 These benefits are neither binding nor guaranteed. CIELA reserves the right to alter specifics for the benefit of both Sponsor and Sponsee (the unpredictable nature of this venture so requiring). Under no circumstance is the fee refundable in any amount.

  1. The Sponsee’s Exercise of Rights: The Sponsee shall not utilise any of the rights granted herein and shall ensure that no member of the Sponsee shall make any public statement in a manner which, in the reasonable opinion of the Sponsor, is or might be prejudice or defamatory to the image and reputation of the sponsor.
  2. Renewal: There is no automatic renewal or right of refusal, as this is a non-exclusive Sponsorship.
  3. Entire Agreement: This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties in relation to the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes any previous agreement, whether written or oral, between the parties in relation to that subject matter.
  4. Authority:  The agent purchasing this Agreement on behalf of the Sponsor has the authority and consent to bind the Sponsor company.