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Why CIELA’s launch will mean rogue agents quickly going out of business

//Why CIELA’s launch will mean rogue agents quickly going out of business

Why CIELA’s launch will mean rogue agents quickly going out of business

More than two-thirds of independent agents comply with what the UK government deems minimum legislative requirements. These are the professionals, who add value to their customers and guide them skilfully through the moving gauntlet. The rules are put in place with the intention of protecting the public from illegal operators, incompetence and criminal agents.

Legislative requirements are onerous to any small business. We may or may not agree that they are necessary, but they are the law. So, if an agent chooses not to comply for any reason, (or is too incompetent to be aware of the existence of the legislation) they should not be in business. They are a risk to the public and their, at-best, sloppy conduct is the primary cause of the industry’s poor reputation.

If an agency is too incompetent, lazy or arrogant to operate legally, then they are not fit to represent any homeowner in the sale or let of their most valuable asset, nor to properly help a mover. They represent the opposite of professionalism.

These small rogue agents may comprise as much as one-third of the independent industry, and are getting away with it for two reasons.

  1. There is precious little enforcement of the law
  2. There is currently no easy way for the public to be able to identify these offenders

Hence the reasons why a minority of detractors are so keen to stop CIELA launching.

Reason 1

When CIELA unveils the ability for ALL agents including non-members to be able to certify online and in their offices that they have met all minimum legislative requirements, completely free of charge, there will be nowhere for the rogues to hide.

Reason 2

Businesses that can’t attract new customers always resent competitors who can. When the honest agents can stand out for free, they will win more business as consumers avoid the offenders, putting another nail in the coffin of the rogues.

Reason 3

Corporate agencies actually rely on the poor reputation of the independent industry. It’s the main reason they attract business. They are, unfairly, seen as a safer choice. Therefore the corporates have no interest at all in any collective voice, championing and representing honest, law-abiding independent agencies.

So, if you would like to see the lazy, rogue agents wither, shrivel and go out of business, it will be the first objective of  CIELA to achieve just this. They will complain, criticise and squeal from behind their anonymous veils, but will make no positive suggestions. They are the vandals of the industry.

CIELA needs the support of honest agents who want to be recognised as professionals. For only £35pm plus vat, with no contract or tie-in, you can increase the chances of this happening by swelling our ranks so we can launch on 1 October.

CIELA’s activities will be determined by its members, who will have a vote on all major matters. CIELAs accounts will be audited by an appointee of its members, who can report back on how subscriptions are being utilised.

This is the only offering of its kind, which will help the public in their quest to find the right agent. We hope you will join now.

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