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CIELA Inauguration Confirmed

//CIELA Inauguration Confirmed

CIELA Inauguration Confirmed

Inauguration confirmed – 1 March 2017

The initial consultation with independent agents we have heard from has demonstrated a strong desire for the formation of a “Collective Voice”.

During the past few weeks, the following questions were discussed with Founder Members:

  1. Are there enough problems affecting exclusively independent agents to warrant a new organisation?
  2. Would the proposed organisation also be of benefit to the home-moving public?
  3. Is there enough demand and support for the CIELA concept from the independent industry, especially considering the existence of other long established organisations?

In summary, it was agreed that the answer to all three questions is Yes.


  1. There has never been a more challenging time for independent agents.
  2. There is no current organisation that exists solely for the benefit of independent agents, so they lack a “collective voice”.
  3. The general public is essentially unaware of any trade bodies. Rightmove is number one in “property” brand awareness.

Accordingly an opportunity exists, if independent agents choose to unite, to create a Collective Voice to:

  1. Stand up to and push back against the threats facing the industry
  2. Combine voices, data and resources to form the most powerful industry organisation to date, and
  3. Employ the collective voice and resources in a sustained public-facing PR campaign to inform home movers and provide them with the insight necessary to choose the best agent for their personal circumstances.

Next Steps

Appointment of Regional Officers – These voluntary ambassadorial positions, for which we are already almost fully subscribed, will bridge the gap between CIELA as a National organisation, and members at the local level. Regional Officers will be involved in the selection process of County (and London Borough) Officers.

6 Month Consultation and awareness raising among all independent agents

Prior to full launch, now planned for 1 October 2017, a 6 month consultation and planning period with the whole independent agent industry will begin, allowing every agent who wishes to do so to have their voice heard, take part in debates, attend events and cast their vote on what issues CIELA tackle. The results of votes will be shared with all members.

All voting will be online, secure, auditable and recorded, allowing for votes to be cast quickly and easily as matters arise.

Additional Membership Requirements: Further to those already announced, the following rules will be additional requirements for pre-launch membership as well as inclusion on the CIELA Register.

  1. Redress Scheme Membership – At the point of registration on the CIELA website, members will be required to confirm the Redress scheme of which they are members.
  2. Deposit Protection Scheme Membership – Lettings agents will be required to confirm which Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme they use.
  3. Anti-Money Laundering registration – Estate agents will be required to confirm they have registered with HMRC for AML purposes.
  4. Tenant Fees Display Rules – Members must confirm their adherence to the Consumer Rights Act 2015 c.15, Part 3, Chapter 3 full details at this government website page

To be kept up to date, please follow CIELA on Twitter at

If you are an independent agency owner, please register with us to be kept informed before others at

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