Only with the commitment of highly respectable Founders does CIELA have the potential to succeed in launching, becoming established and making a difference to the livelihoods and prospects of its members.

Founder Responsibilities

  1. Represent the combined interests and livelihoods of the thousands of CIELA members, as well as that of the members’ employees
  2. Inspire all independent agents to unite in the common cause against corporate exploitation of home-sellers and landlords
  3. Be a guide to Regional Officers in their leadership of County Officers and general members in their regions
  4. Provide long term stability to the direction of the organisation and ensure it is not pulled off course by commercial interests, but always puts members first.
  5. Unless general members demand a national vote, which they will always have the right to do, Founder members (along with Regional Officers) will be making major decisions on behalf of all members at the annual National Committee meeting.

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