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The choice of words behind CIELA’s main objective

//The choice of words behind CIELA’s main objective

The choice of words behind CIELA’s main objective

“CIELA will use the collective voice of all independents to show the public the true value of a well chosen agent.”

This statement is a result of the feedback received in the first few weeks of discussions and debates with agents.

The overwhelming cry has been for a Collective Voice for independent agents.

The target of that voice is primarily the public, so that they can be shown why independent agents are most often the best choice.

“Use” – this word shows the intention to harness the full force of the companies which make up the majority of the industry and use it to full effect. Once agents have united behind CIELA, the use of the voice will be keenly felt.

“Collective” – The voice cannot represent any minority views. There are many differing views within the industry, but there are some matters on which there is total agreement. The “Collective” voice is the voice which transmits only these unanimous views.

“Voice” – The passion shown by independent agents for a chance to voice their feelings, to communicate their message, to enlighten their prospective customers is palpable. With 15,000 agents combining their voices behind the key messages, the voice cannot fail to be heard.

“All” – CIELA stands to represent ALL (law-abiding) independent owner-managed agencies, not just some of them. This is important because in the fight against corporate dominance, no independent is unaffected, and the message to the public is “Independents are the best choice”. The public must then be left to choose which independent is best for them, and at this stage CIELA should have no influence.

“Show” – The public’s perception of the industry is an unfair one, and this is primarily the fault of the media, and corporate agents making independents out to be unreliable and “rogue”. By using the collective voice, we can show the public what independent agents really do. Some of them already know, but they cannot be relied upon to communicate that message. It is up to us.

“Public” – We considered the use of the words “Customers”, “Clients” and “movers” here, but in the end it was agreed that everyone needs to know the value of a well chosen agent. Why? Because the whole public holds the bad perception of the industry, not just customers or home movers. So it is the public as a whole who need to have their mind changed.

“True” – this word is used to emphasise the following word “value”, to highlight the fact that there is a lot of “false” value claimed (such as the savings claims made by up front fee onliners), and also to indicate the fact that there is more than one kind of value.

“Value” – There is financial value yes, but there is also time value, convenience, safety, certainty and that incalculable value of having everything go just right with a move so that your customers are able to move into that dream home they thought might be out of their reach.

“Well chosen” – It is CIELA’s view that one of the biggest causes of the public’s mis-perception is that they don’t know how to go about choosing an agent. Choosing the best agent is the most important step in the whole process. Most sellers and landlords are unaware of this, and those that are do not know how to choose the best agent and end up being seduced by online advertisers or glossy corporate promises. Knowing how to choose the best agent for your circumstances is the most important thing for anyone moving out of their home, and if they were better informed, it would be better for independent agents everywhere.


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