Co-owner of Logic Estates

Waterloo – Liverpool


How many years have you been an agent?

16 years in various roles,  financial advisor mortgage broker and estate agent, bringing a wide range of knowledge across all aspects of estate agency and associated services.


In one sentence why do you think independent agents are a better choice for the public? 

Owner run independent agency will always offer a greater degree of service, giving a real point of contact when ultimately needed.


What do you hope CIELA will achieve?

Get the message out to the average consumer what good local independent agents can do when representing their sale,  and why this important decision should not be made on cost alone.


To what do you attribute your success over your competitors?

Honesty first and foremost with a reputation for delivering results.


What is the hardest part of running an independent agency?

Staff, finding good people with a passion that truly believe in what they’re doing.


Most agents would admit to being busier than they like. What one thing would you advise them to stop doing?

Focus more energy on what’s working well.


Who is the most impressive agent you have ever met?

Difficult question.  I know so many doing a great job, it would be easier to name some of the worst.


How would you describe the overall quality of the founders group?

Impressive! all founder members have great reputations within their own respective areas and chosen markets. This can only bolster confidence for agents choosing to affiliate with CIELA.


Why do you think Charlie is the right person to get this organization started?

I believe Charlie to be an ideal candidate for the role, having worked in the industry for so long but not necessarily as an agent gives him a unique perspective.


What aspect of your business are you most proud of?

The ability to incorporate new procedures and technology early enough to allow us to keep up with such a fast moving industry.


If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about your business, what would it be?

Implement certain aspects of what we currently do, much earlier. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing!


In one word how would you describe the responsibility of being an employer?