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CIELA uniquely represents and fights for the collective interests of all independent agents.

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Why join?

Members will be directly involved in shaping the future of the organisation and in determining how CIELA shapes the future of the industry during the 6 month consultation period leading up to full launch.

Members will have direct access to:

  1. Contribute to the Collective Voice
  2. Private, member-only discussion forums
  3. Participation in surveys to establish member wishes
  4. Selection of priority activities to be carried out
  5. The right to vote on all decisions affecting CIELA’s future plans
  6. The right to attend CIELA events and debates
  7. Marketing material to be used in pitches against Corporate and Call Centre agents
  8. Advice on how to ensure compliance with all mandatory regulations

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County Officer applications now open

County Officers will be responsible for recruiting agents within their county to join CIELA. CIELA will also rely upon them when we visit their areas to hold road shows to amass support. County Officers will have:

A direct line to CIELA, and the unique opportunity to influence CIELA initiatives.

What must I do?

JOIN CIELA and indicate your interest in becoming a County Officer.

Responsibilities at this stage are solely focused on recruitment of fellow agents. We merely require some of your time to raise awareness, and will lean on you when visiting your area.

What does it cost?

There is no additional expense. Just the monthly member fee of £35 per month + VAT

I have additional questions . . .

Contact the Regional Officer for your area to enquire further about participation in the Charter.

Check our FAQs.

Any further enquiries may be directed CIELA at

Once qualifying applications are received for all posts, full details of joining requirements and responsibilities of the posts will be sent out for consideration and acceptance.

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Open letter to all independent estate agents who wish to own their future.

“Would you ever consider uniting with all your fellow independent agents in the fight against corporate domination and unfair practice, if you had shared ownership of such an organisation, and legal certainty that it could never be sold off?”

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Will small agents unite against the threat of Corporate takeover?

The Founders of CIELA sense a greater appetite than ever before among small agents to unite and form a new movement, a collective voice, a united front against corporate activity and to take control of the industry’s most valuable commodity, customer and market information.

Yet doubts remain about whether this desire for something new is widespread enough to galvanise agents in sufficient numbers to actually overcome the threats faced by the industry, of which more than 80% are independent agents with livelihoods at stake.

If all small agents did choose to unite, it would be a formidable force unlike anything before in the industry just due to the sheer numbers involved, and it would be the first time such an organisation forms without the oversight of corporate involvement. But there is a palpable sense of cynicism among many agents, which is understandable given how many times they have been let down in the past.

The first step being taken is to ensure that there is absolutely no barrier to entry for any qualifying member, including the entry-level membership being completely free of charge, not just at the outset, but indefinitely, plus care is being taken to ensure that membership of CIELA does not encroach on the rules of any other industry organisation which may also have special rules on membership.

The second step, to which the finishing details are being applied in the coming weeks, is to ensure that absolutely every qualifying member, no matter how small, who joins the organisation prior to launch, even at the zero-cost level, will benefit financially from the organisation’s success should they choose to remain members for long enough to qualify.

It is also being proposed that there will be no membership lock-in period, with only a short, rolling notice period being suggested for any member who wishes to discontinue membership at any stage, although at the loss of participation in financial rewards from the organisation’s success.

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“Personal Service: A professional service involving direct communication or contact between the parties involved, frequently with connotations of particular attentiveness or responsiveness to individual needs”

A collective voice for small independent agents who make up more than 80% of the industry


A united, independent force against corporate takeover of the industry


An invitation to independent agents to unite and take collective ownership of the future of the industry

“If all small independent agents unite, they will be the most powerful organisation the industry has ever known”

Charlie Wright, CIELA Founder

Messages of support

“An excellent vision that deserves huge support”

Chris Arnold, Agency Negotiation

“As a supplier uniquely to independent agents I think what you are doing is fantastic”

Tim Price, Property Butler

“About time smaller agents truly got their heads together, thumbs up from Marchwood”

Marchwood Estate Agents, Chichester, West Sussex

“We wish you well with this superb idea and association for quality independent agents. We are ready to join.”

“This could be SO good for the estate agency industry and home sellers alike, but it NEEDS your support”

Perry Power, Power Bespoke

“Finally an organisation to support Independent Agents from corporate takeover of the industry. When can we join?”

Hopkins Estate Agents, East Sussex

“Good luck, it’s been a long time coming, but the smaller independents need to work together, now let’s make this happen!”

Richard à Brassard, Courtenay, Battersea

Having just read your open letter of 17th January I breathed a sigh of relief…. we therefore wholeheartedly support your stance, and would be glad to be actively involved.

James Cridland, Cridland and Co